Soon to be graduated and want to already have an idea how to launch your career? Then you have come to the right place. Jan De Nul Group invests in its employees. With us you get incredible opportunities and responsibility from the start. We offer a no-nonsense learning culture within a family atmosphere... and all this at a global level!

Would you like to meet us and discuss the various career opportunities? We will be present in 2023-2024 at several job fairs and again with our (renewed) physical company booth. Below is the complete overview of where you can find and meet us:

- 15/02: Jobbeurs IR Polytechnische Kring VUB (Belgium, Brussel)
- 16/02: MecanIST Lissabon jobfair (Portugal, Lissabon)
- 20/02:  Jobbeurs Industria Group T (Belgium, Leuven)
- 21/02: Jobbeurs Poutrix Bouwkunde (Belgium, Gent)
- 22/02: Jobbeurs Engineering Plaza Campus Diepenbeek (Belgium, Diepenbeek)
- 22/02: Ekonomika Career Brunch (Belgium, Leuven)
- 22/02: VTI Oostende (Belgium, Oostende)
- Eind februari (TBC): Meet & Eat campus event Universiteit Luik (Belgium, Luik)
- 27/02: Jobfair VTK (Belgium, Gent)
- 29/02: Jobbeurs Odisee Aalst Bouwkunde (Belgium, Aalst)
04/03: Jobfair Engineers ULB (Belgium, Brussel)
- 05/03: Jobbeurs Campus De Nayer (Belgium, Mechelen)
- 05/03: VTI Ninove (Belgium, Ninove)
- 06/03: Nacht van de Bouwkundige (Belgium, Brugge)
- 06/03: BioScience Gent (Belgium, Gent)
- 07/03: Science jobfair UGent (Belgium, Gent)
- 07/03: Jobbeurs Hermes (Belgium, Gent)
- 12/03: Jobbeurs EMECS (Belgium, Gent)
- 14/03:  Jobbeurs Jour D'entreprise ECAM (Belgium, Brussel)
- 14/03: Edugo Glorieux Oostakker (Belgium, Oostakker)
- 14/03: Jobfair VTK Leuven (Belgium, Leuven)
- 20/03: Engineers of Tomorrow Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium, Antwerpen)
- 26/03: Jobvillage IT HOGent (Belgium, Gent)
- 26/03: Jobbeurs Odisee KUL Gent (Belgium, Gent)
- 27/03: Moeder Delftsche Jobfair (Nederland, Delft)
- 28/03: Student Street Soccer Brugge (Belgium, Brugge)
- 28/03: Afstudeerbeurs Gent (Belgium, Gent)
- Maart (TBC)Meet & Eat campus event Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium, Brussel)
- 06/04: Statix project Visit (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
16/04Meet & Eat campus event Universiteit Luik (Belgium, Luik)
- April (TBC): Kiesweek Leuven (Belgium, Leuven)
April (TBC) Meet & Eat campus event Hogeschool Gent (Belgium, Gent)
- 16/05: DOT Company Day 2 (Nederland, Delft)

Hope to see you there!
Michaël, Gwen, Basile, Liesbeth, Fien and Astrid

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