Working on board
  • Which language is spoken on board?

    The crew of our ships is very international, which is why the working language on board is English.

  • How long will I be away from home?

    To keep your work and private life well-balanced, you will be working six-week periods followed by a six-week leave. During the six weeks on board, you will be working 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Can I choose to which country I go?

    No, not really. You will board the ship that needs you the most at that moment: it can be anywhere in the world.

  • Is there room for self-development?

    From the very start, you take part in a wide range of trainings, some on our simulators. We evaluate your performance and consider career opportunities on a regular basis.

  • Do I need a maritime training certificate or experience?

    For most jobs on board, you need a degree in Maritime Education. However, there are also jobs (mostly ashore) for more technically trained people such as welder foremen, shore mechanics and electricians.

Working on board
At the office and construction sites
  • Will I have a nine to five job at the office?

    Yes and no. We aim to preserve the balance between work and private life: both in Aalst and Luxembourg, your working hours are flexible. You start between 7.30 and 9am and stop between 4 and 6 pm. You work eight hours a day or 40 hours a week.

  • How much leave do I have? At the office? On a site?

    At the office, you work 40-hour weeks. That means you are, on top of your twenty days, also entitled to twelve additional compensatory rest days. If you work at the civil department, your leave periods are the same as for construction workers.

  • Will I get a training? Can I grow in my job?

    Of course! At the start of your career, you take general introductions to our activities, information and software systems on top of your job-specific trainings. JDN Group invests in you and your development. You will not be stuck in the same old routines with us, we invest in your personal growth!

  • Do I have to speak foreign languages?

    We do not require specific language skills from our employees. At the office, all communication is in Dutch. However, as we are an international player, knowledge of English and French is a plus.

At the office and construction sites
On projects worldwide
  • Will I be working ashore or on board?

    Staff members with an administrative, accounting or logistical job always work at the office, next to or on the construction site. Those with a technical (engineering) position will be working on board very regularly, ranging from a few hours a day to full days.

  • What about my family?

    They can come with you, if you like. Either you leave on a ‘bachelor basis’, i.e. alone, or you leave on a ‘married basis’ (whether you are officially married or not). As a ‘bachelor’, you are 2 months abroad, 1 month at home. As ‘married people’, you are 5 months away, 1 month at home.

    JDN Group does what is necessary for the education of your children in local schools. However, we do not arrange the employment of your partner. We do not have to explain that finding work is very dependent on the country you end up and the education of your partner.

  • Where will I live abroad?

    That depends. As a ‘bachelor’, chances are that you share a studio or apartment with a colleague. If you go with your partner or family, you will have separate accommodation. If there are no local facilities in the area, we build a real JDN camp that has all that you need!

  • Can I decide which country I want to go to?

    No, that is not possible. We recruit you for a specific department, such as Execution, Technical Department or Survey and not for a specific region. You leave to where they need you the most at that moment.

  • Do I get an internal training? Can I grow in my career?

    From the very start, you take part in a range of trainings: from the general ‘Dredging for dummies’ to specific technical courses on pumps, mechanics, engines, etc. On top of that, you are also being prepared for the logistic and administrative aspects of life and work abroad.

On projects worldwide
  • I want to apply for a job. How do I proceed?

    Have you seen a job opening that makes your curious or eager to start? Do not hesitate: upload your resume and motivation letter through the web form on this job site.

  • Can I also apply spontaneously?

    Of course! Upload your resume and motivation letter on this job site, we will invite you for an exploratory interview and who knows? Maybe you find the job of your life with us!

  • How does the selection procedure go?

    We take two weeks to evaluate your application. If positive, you will be invited for an exploratory interview. No psychoanalytical tests or assessments, but a few face-to-face conversations in which we discuss your possibilities and interests. The number of conversations varies.