An internship at JDN is definitely more than watch and learn!

At the end of my industrial engineering – surveying studies, I did not hesitate for a second to do my internship at Jan De Nul Group. I did my internship in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and was immediately welcomed with open arms by the entire team. In the beginning, I assisted my internship supervisor in what he did, but soon I got tasks and responsibility myself. An internship at JDN is all but watch and learn! All my expectations were more than fulfilled and convinced me that I wanted to work with you.

And so it happened. Now I work as a surveyor on foreign shipyards, both onshore and offshore. My job is extremely varied, every day is really different from the day before. With our team we are always busy preventing and solving problems to avoid that a ship comes to a halt during the dredging works. Quite exciting and challenging. This also creates a bond: your colleagues become family, as it were, anywhere in the world. You can take this literally because in the last year I have been working in seven different countries already.