Work planner

Céline Van Havere

Each day, I’m challenged to push myself beyond my limits and develop myself in different areas. No two days are alike. I’m given lots of responsibility. That’s how I can grow and become independent. On the one hand, I guarantee the daily operation of the site. From directing workers to answering questions about execution. On the other hand, I also ensure continuity on the site and I prepare future works. I create purchase files, work out schedules and execution phases, draw up progress reports, etc.

I soon opted to start work for the Jan De Nul Group. As a civil engineer in construction, I was already fascinated by technology and big civil engineering projects. I started in work planning with the construction of the Woestijne Bridge in Aalter. Jan De Nul Group completed a really top class project there by building the bridge using the incremental launching method. I could indulge my passion to the full on such an exciting site with several technical aspects. Each day, I saw the design on paper move closer to reality: wow! Yet you still have to be prepared for unexpected turns. And so, my creativity and ability to solve problems are tested every day. Thankfully, I always have my colleagues, both for questions and for a friendly chat. The family atmosphere within the company really is a great asset.