Investing in knowledge

Creative, innovative and successful solutions require properly trained and talented employees. This is why Jan De Nul Academy stimulates lifelong learning, keeping skills and knowledge up-to-date. The Academy guarantees your continuous development and progress.

These past few years training matrixes were drawn up for the dredging department, the civil department and Envisan, our environmental department. Such a programme is extremely varied: both internal and external training, hard and soft skills, usually in the form of classic training, but sometimes also set up as a workshop. A training matrix is also planned for offshore services.



Apart from the training at the office, our worldwide activity in 2017 compels us to develop an online platform, where e-learning modules are offered, some compulsory, others optionally.

In the meantime, already around 2,200 employees have access to the eAcademy and their numbers are steadily increasing. Logging in implies the possibility of viewing the training modules and giving feedback about the courses taken, even about the classic training. With this feedback we are continuing to fine tune teaching material. In september 2018 the library of e-modules was officially put online. A library that is gradually being supplemented with new material. By the end of the year the offer should have doubled.

Knowledge and knowhow are imbued with everyone’s career: at the office, at a shipyard and on board. Well-educated, motivated and involved people aren’t only a plus for Jan De Nul Group, you too, as an employee, get a substantial boost. Knowledge enriches, in all areas.