Senior Structural Design Engineer

Our job is almost unique in Belgium.

“If it doesn’t exist, we’ll just make it ourselves”, is the motto at Jan De Nul. New vessels, ship infrastructure, new machines for our dredging and offshore departments: as Senior Structural Design Engineer I have the chance to help design it all. That is almost unique in Belgium and a dream for every engineer! However, each project is also a challenge, as it always involves very complex material, without a ready-made solution. So I am always challenged to pull out all the stops in my engineering capacities.

It is also a very versatile position, which goes far beyond the design itself. I draw up reports, deep in regulations, carry out FEA analyses and follow up projects. In short, a very varied and fascinating job that never feels monotonous.

Because of my 14 years of experience, as a Senior Engineer, I am a point of contact for many of my colleagues: other seniors, juniors, designers and other departments in the company. This ranges from advice in certain designs to help with certain calculations or reviews.

Because of that, I have contributed something to almost every project, but some of them really stand out. Our Cable-Laying Vessel Isaac Newton is very close to my heart. I designed and made the calculations for a.o. the carrousel of the vessel, the central rotation base of the carrousel and the roll support of the carrousel. In the end, we were able to go see the entire cable laying installation and we got very positive feedback from the crew: those are great memories! I am also very proud of our trencher Moonfish. As a member of the design team, I took care of the design of the frame and the hoist and followed up all the other designs and calculations. Seeing the machine in reality after delivery gave us a very satisfied feeling. Finally, I was also involved in one of our biggest projects: the construction of our new jack-up installation vessel Voltaire.

We are looking forward to the delivery and to our next challenges!