Production Manager

Happy to have the opportunity to share my experience with colleagues.

23 years ago I stood on the site with a meter and pencil in my hand, today I share my experience with (young) colleagues. Quality, safety, planning, financial and legal aspects. Both on and off site, our project leaders have to take more and more into account. Based on my experience, I support them and I serve as a sounding board or provide a second opinion. Recently, I also started working on tenders with the procurement department.

Stressing together, laughing together

At Jan De Nul we are practical and hands-on. We want to move forward. If necessary, we can switch quickly thanks to short decision-making lines. Our clients value this approach. Every satisfied client is the achievement of a complete team. We stress together, we laugh together and we can always count on each other.

I have already had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects: from an underground station to a tunnel under the airport runway, or even a new traffic interchange. There will always be a new challenge.  Jan De Nul offers you the freedom to tackle these challenges and to assume the corresponding responsibilities. My job is an environment where I am at my best!