1. Organiser

Jan De Nul NV
Tragel 60
9308 Hofstade-Aalst

2. Duration of the competition

Starts on 19/11/2019 at 00:00 and ends on 31/05/2020 at 00:00.

3. Principle of the competition

  • Everyone can take part by posting an original selfie on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn with the new Jan De Nul NV employer hashtag #recogniseyourself. The picture should be public to everyone.
  • All participants accept the competition rules. The organizer can change the contents at any time should this appear necessary.
  • Participants can take part as often as they want.
  • Competition free of charge and without conditions, except as mentioned below.

4. Prizes

The winner is invited for a flight, organized by Jan De Nul NV. Then, the winner will be invited to board a Jan De Nul NV vessel, including meals and overnight stay on-board. This flight + overnight stay will take place in consultation with both winners (period: between July 2020 and October 2020). For staff with accommodation on-board for their job at Jan De Nul NV, an equivalent alternative will be offered.

5. Participation

The competition is free of charge. Any adult can take part. Both staff and non-staff of Jan De Nul NV can take part in the competition. Incomplete data or data that are not conformant to the rules or that are posted after the participation deadline will not be taken into account.
Condition for a participation photo: an original photo where the Jan De Nul Group logo is visible and is posted publicly online on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram with the #recogniseyourself hashtag. The only correct logo of Jan De Nul Group, is the following.
The organizer reserves the right to exclude persons who don’t meet the terms and conditions of the competition.

6. Selecting the winners

The winners will be selected by an internal team consisting of Jan De Nul NV. They will examine all entries and select the most original entries by vote. Voting will occur as follows....
1 winner will be selected among the participants not employed by Jan De Nul Group and 1 winner will be chosen in the group of Jan De Nul Group staff. The winners will be informed personally and will be announced on the social media pages of Jan De Nul NV.

7. Liability

The organizers are not liable for issues of any kind related to the running of the competition, whether it concerns human error, a computer error or any other error. Jan De Nul NV reserves the right to amend these rules or to postpone or cancel this competition at any time during the competition and without any consequence. Jan De Nul NV will not be liable for the consequences of these amendments.

8. Privacy

The Privacy Act of 08.12.1992 will be complied with strictly. By taking part, participants expressly accept that, if they are winners, their names will be mentioned on the Jan De Nul NV website and/or social media.
Each participant grants the rights of use of their photo to Jan De Nul NV (the photos can be broadcast on the Jan De Nul NV website and social media with the name of their author) and confirms that the photos are their own work and that all persons visible in these photographs grant permission to broadcast the photographs.

9. Disputes

By taking part in this competition, participants accept these rules.
Non-compliance with these rules will result in cancellation or nullification of participation.
Any disputes related to the interpretation and implementation of these rules will be examined by the organizer, who will rule sovereignly, in the spirit that was intended when creating the competition.

Except for requests for these rules, no written or oral questions regarding the competition will be answered.
Unforeseen cases will be processed by the organiser of the competition. All decisions of the organizer are final.
Any dispute resulting from this competition will be settled by the Court of Dendermonde.