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Design. Create. Innovate. Solutions for a better and sustainable future of Taiwan. The offshore industry is booming: in the very near future, we will build two large offshore wind farms, Formosa 1 and Changua. Offshore Renewables is sailing very smoothly! Do you want to jump in on this? Don’t hesitate and you too may become one of our innovative engineering offshore team members!

Building trust in Asia for over 20 years

We have an excellent reputation in Asia, particularly for large and challenging projects. We are known for our execution speed combined with a high-quality result. Our technical capacities, global reputation and solution-oriented approach give us a clear advantage over our competitors. We support our clients from the early preparatory phase of a project and many clients consider this a major asset.

For more than 20 years, we have secured our presence in Taiwan. We’ve executed most of all dredging works in the ports like Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taipei and Linkou.

Award winning project

Our dredging works in Linkou are a perfect example of how we come up with creative solutions to meet the client’s demands. It’s also an award winning project: Coastal Dredging Project of the Year, awarded by IHS Dredging and Port Construction at the DPC Innovation Awards last year. Promoted for our sustainable approach and efficient production planning.

We deepened the access channel and basin of the port in Linkou to enable larger coal vessels to moor. Power supply is a major problem on the island, so the supply of coal, one of the main energy sources, is of critical importance. In order to be able to dredge and reclaim these quantities within the set period, a cutter suction dredger and a trailing suction hopper dredger worked simultaneously on this project: the cutter pre-cut the hard mudstone after which the hopper dredged the sediments and transported them directly to Taipei Port for reclamation.

Pre-cutting of mudstone with a cutter and subsequent dredging and reclaiming with a hopper on this scale was unprecedented. This simultaneous working method also required the operations to be perfectly synchronised to enable joint production optimisation, which was vital to execute this huge pre-cut scope efficiently and on time.


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Don’t hesitate and you too may become one of our innovative engineering offshore team members!