Technical Superintendent

Mattias Decrop
An eye opener

Unique experience

I graduated as a civil engineer in mechanics and I did my work placement with the technical department on a project in Argentina. Usually, I operated from the workshop in Buenos Aires, but I also went regularly on board the ships on the Rio de la Plate. And so, I got to know not only the ships, but also the crew and all sorts of tasks on board such as writing specifications and measuring and designing tools. An eye opener. A unique experience which I had as a student just like that.


My work placement and studies had given me a taste for Jan De Nul! I now work as technical superintendent on board one of the company’s newest ships. A multi-purpose ship for all sorts of offshore purposes. At present, for instance, I’m working in Poland on a new installation on the quarter deck. Different equipment for each project! In the Jan De Nul Group, they’ve never heard of the daily grind! It’s incredible how much I learn each day from an experienced and diverse crew and I can now contribute to major projects.