QHSSE Advisor

Time and time again, we come home at yet another place!


As QHSSE Advisor, Brahim – together with a strong team of expatriates and local staff – guards the strict quality requirements without in any way losing sight of the environment- and safety-related regulations.  Brahim is currently working in Abu Dhabi, but for over ten years he has worked as QHSSE Advisor on various projects worldwide, both for our dredging, offshore and civil division.

Because the QHSSE Advisor is always among the very first to arrive on a project site, he starts each time from scratch when setting up a team and drawing up a plan.  Together with his team, he gives advice to ... everyone.  Every project is a new challenge.

Innovative and ground-breaking. These are most definitely two keywords to describe Jan De Nul Group.  Innovative offshore projects, the installation of cables across the sea and of offshore wind turbines for instance, require new procedures. 


Also innovative machines, such as the Moon- and Sunfish, stimulate the advisors to continuously update their knowledge and adjust their instructions.  The advisors are also involved in the construction of new ships.  It is in other words an incredibly diverse and exciting job.

Curiosity, an insatiable hunger for knowledge, an open mind and, obviously, sense of adventure are essential requirements for this job.  Every project at another location, together with “his family”.  The advisors themselves must always start from scratch as well: a new home, new school, new environment... But these are truly enriching experiences.  Time and time again, we come home at yet another place.

Brahim is a man of the world who feels great whenever he can work in a team. On projects abroad, there is always a great team spirit.  People really stick together.  They are one team with one goal!