Project Manager Civil Engineering

The greatest expertise within a specific area is only a phone call away.

As a project manager, you are the face of the company, the contact person for our clients for everything related to contractual, financial or execution matters. At the end of such a project, our team is rightly proud. And of course we find it very important that our clients are truly satisfied with our work and approach.

At Jan De Nul you will be working on the most challenging and impressive construction projects in the Benelux. My expectations were already met on my first day: I was immediately given the opportunity to work as a planner on the Schuman-Josaphat railway tunnel project. Above ground you couldn’t see anything, while underground we were excavating and constructing a new 1.2 kilometre tunnel under the buildings in Brussels’ European district. A technically challenging project, but we did it.

Social relevance

Jan De Nul wants to distinguish itself from other class 8 contractors. Thanks to our multidisciplinary in-house services we can offer solutions for challenging problems with a high degree of independence and based on our own strength and knowledge. We operate worldwide in a broad range of fields and have short lines of communication within the company. At Jan De Nul, the greatest expertise in a specific area is just one phone call away.

The wide range of knowledge and expertise makes Jan De Nul the ideal partner for Design, Build, Finance and Maintenance projects. We are responsible for the entire design of the infrastructure, we take care of the construction and of the 30 year maintenance afterwards. It is an enrichment to work on such tenders and projects, which often have great social relevance. As a project manager, you quickly gather expertise in all the different disciplines involved in this type of projects. It’s not just about the typical construction aspects; architecture, sustainability, integrated water management and ecology are also covered. I’m learning every day!