Wesley Sonck as special guest

At 4 pm, the very first eight colleagues were ready for an intense training session in the FIT Cup container. Special guest, football manager and former player Wesley Sonck was given the honour of encouraging our colleagues. Wesley is an expert in container cups. He coached and commented on three seasons of 'De Container Cup' on Belgian television. It was the first time since that Wesley got to coach a container cup again and it was very clear that he was incredibly looking forward to it.

That will be bang on the construction sites

Running 500 metres, hanging from a monkey bar for as long as possible, throwing high points in darts, pushing a lot of kilos as much as possible and cycling 1000 metres awaited the participants. A tough challenge, but one that all eight of them embarked on with dedication, ready to defend their own honour and that of the yard. All participants put in a great performance.

Conclusion: if this first round of the FIT cup has set the tone for the sequel, we can expect a lot more fantastic performances from our colleagues.