Bring on the wind!

Jan De Nul Group built 51 foundations and 50 wind turbines in the North Sea 47 kilometres from the Belgian coast. This park, Nobelwind, provides green wind power for 186,000 families. It was the first assignment for the impressive Vole au vent, a jack-up ship made for offshore hoisting operations and installations. A ship that lifts itself out of the water, ‘jacks’, by dropping four legs and transforming into a stable platform on the sea.


A stable platform is needed if you know that the mono-piles, which are approximately 80m long and have a five-metre diameter, are placed on the seabed vertically with the ship’s big crane. After this, a large hydraulic hammer is firmly placed upright through the layer of rock. Atop the mono-piles steel transition pieces, on which the wind turbine is positioned, are attached with 84 bolts of 25 kilo each.