I can give my creativity full rein.

Together with my colleagues of the Marine Design and Engineering Department, I am responsible for designing steel structures for our dredging equipment and vessels. Whenever adjustments are needed to our dredging fleet, we provide a complete response: from conceiving the initial concept to building a 3D model and creating 2D production drawings. We do all this ourselves, without the help of an external design or engineering firm. This allows us to respond quickly and directly to the requested modifications. Gathering the required technical knowledge and sharing it with each other is therefore daily business for us.

From the moment a request becomes an assignment, we sit down with different departments to develop an initial concept. After that, I start working on a detailed design. I have complete control over this and can thus give my own creativity full rein.

That inventiveness already came in handy in the past, for instance during our offshore project in Saint-Nazaire. There, we installed the first wind farm on the French seabed. My role in this project was to make a detailed design of seafastening structures. These must ensure that all components of the wind turbines remain fixed to the deck and cannot fall overboard while navigating. Knowing that turbine towers can weigh up to 1,000 tonnes, the blades are more than 100 metres long and at least four turbines are taken on board at the same time, it is easy to see why an innovative and detailed design is of great importance.

Of course, it’s also important to make time to relax between all the work. And that’s something I can do at Jan De Nul as well. Just like many other sporty colleagues, I often use my lunch break to take a run on the path along the river Dender. Last year, I participated with my colleagues in the ¼ Triathlon in Bruges, the Inclusive Pentathlon and Climbing For Life, the most important cycling event of the year for us. In short, there is always something fun to do at Jan De Nul!