Design Engineer

Jeroen Boodts
Calculate and design. You don't need to join a design & engineering agency, you can do it at Jan De Nul!

"I like calculations and chess; I've been passionate about mathematics since I was a kid. Combine that with a healthy interest in civil structures in or close to the water, and it's really no surprise I went on to tackle Civil Engineering in Construction studies at Ghent University. Initially, I was especially fascinated by civil constructions such as bridges, quay walls and locks. Later on, that fascination gradually shifted to offshore structures, which led me to choose "dredging and offshore" as major in my Master studies."

"Having been bitten by that bug and aware of the international renown of Jan De Nul, my choice was a no-brainer. I didn't really go for a specific function, but picked the company itself and trusted my inner quest for offshore structures knowledge. And let me assure you: I haven't regretted my decision for a single minute. Quite the contrary, actually."

“At this moment I'm working as a Design Engineer in our own Design Department and spend my days designing several structures - civil ones as well, but mainly offshore. The offshore sector is very appealing and very rewarding with the opportunity to be able to design a structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The biggest challenge is to make these structures withstand all weathers, while being economical and practical to build. "

"I see, hear and learn new things every single day. Moreover, I'm often in close contact with the client. It's the best way to feel really involved in a project. The atmosphere is excellent. I share a group of desks with five other young engineers, who don't necessarily work on the same projects as I do. Still, I can always call on them for advice. Jan De Nul Group is so much more than just a contractor, and is often responsible for the design of the works. And that is exactly why an engineer who loves to calculate is welcome in Jan De Nul's Design & Engineering Department." A calculated risk, you might say. As Design Engineer, you can calculate with the cream of the crop in our Design & Engineering Department!