Calculator Civil Works

Griet Aelbrecht
No two projects are the same!


I have been working at Jan De Nul for only a year now, but I have just finished a tender for a residential care centre with 49 units and a catering kitchen. I took care of the quotation for the complete structural work, including finishing, techniques and landscaping. Such a tender takes a few weeks to complete. For each calculation, I start with studying the file: I look at the plans in detail in order to gain insight into the scope of the project.


Then I request quotations from subcontractors, but I also make an estimate of all direct and indirect costs myself. This allows me to properly substantiate the quotation. On the one hand you must be a good planner, on the other hand it is important that you communicate clearly with suppliers. No two buildings are the same, so you have to start over and over again: that variety and complexity make the job interesting.