Jan De Nul Group built it!

The Kieldrecht Lock in Antwerp, the world’s biggest lock: 500 m long, 68 m wide and 26 m deep. Ready for the future! Even though the dimensions of the lock are huge, constructing this project was precision work. The lock gates must fit perfectly every time the bridge opens and closes.

Staggering figures and superlatives for a record lock as new access to the Waasland port. A lock full of superlatives!


Almost 10 million m³ soil was moved: around half for digging the excavation and the other half was dredged. 760,000 m³ of reinforced concrete was poured for the construction of the lock and bridges. And a full week or 1 million m³ water was needed to fill the lock after construction.

The Kieldrecht Lock is the suitable answer to the scale increase and strengthens the position of the port of Antwerp in the international market!