Wouter Persoons
Wouter Persoons
In our job, everything has to be as accurate as possible.

Me, a perfectionist? I don’t really have a choice. In our job everything has to be accurate, otherwise no one knows what is really going on during the works. Surveyors provide detailed maps and volume calculations for dredging projects. The operation colleagues base their entire dredging strategy on this information. Hence, it should not surprise you that we perform some of the calibrations five or even six times in order to work as accurately as possible.

Family atmosphere

Immediately after my training I worked on a reclamation project in Uruguay. Almost all possible dredging techniques were used there, which made it very instructive and interesting. I soon gained the confidence to work more independently on a few smaller projects, which gave me an enormous boost.

Now I am also working as a surveyor for offshore projects. There we help to determine the positioning of wind turbines or pipelines. I like the variety in my job. Every site is different. For instance, if you need something, you can easily find a supplier in Dubai, whereas in Ivory Coast you will have to contact twenty local shops. However, on a large project there are a lot of personnel switches, while on a small project there is a real family atmosphere.

Working abroad is sometimes a real adventure, but we have always managed to successfully complete the works. We go for every challenge and just do it. Wayward, but determined!