Supply Chain Manager Offshore Renewables

Wietse Heyninck
The sky is the renewable limit!

“As an Industrial Engineer in Electro Mechanics and former welding engineer, I immediately found Offshore Renewables to be my kind of thing. It's the best of both worlds: the perfect marriage between maritime engineering and durability. Both subjects matter greatly to me, and became a natural draw into this line of work. After a couple of years as Proposals Manager, I wanted to get out into the supply chain and follow up on requests for proposals myself. This allowed me to reconnect with steel construction, which made the welding engineer in me very happy."

“I recently became Supply Chain Manager Offshore Renewables. It is a brand new job. The greatest challenge is finding reliable and competent suppliers and partners to work with on our projects. There are many new players in this market, which is expanding rapidly in Europe and the Far East. That novelty aspect is what makes it exciting, and to be on a constant lookout for the ideal partner or supplier. I really need to keep focused on those challenges. Not only in my job, but also in daily life!” laughs Wietse.