Superintendent Dredging Works

Andreas Van Hulle
Andreas Van Hulle
Each day is different. That variety makes my job so interesting!


I have been working for Jan De Nul since 2015. I started in Dubai for the reclamation project in the port of Jebel Ali, known for the gigantic Palm Island. Today, I’m working in Nigeria, already for the third time. The size of the project and the great diversity of our activities make it very interesting. Each day is different and every day I learn something new.  That variety makes my job so interesting! In the morning, I go directly to the site, where you can find me most of the day. I discuss the planning and any problems with the landfill manager. And after that, there are always a lot of other things to be arranged or followed up on site.

Common sense

In the evenings at the office, I discuss the works with colleagues and take care of my administrative tasks: logistics, deliveries and purchases, planning of personnel and reporting on the works’ progress. My experience with locals is great. They have a completely different view on many things. Most Nigerians speak English, but still have their own accent and specific pronunciation. This sometimes leads to funny situations. Anyway, as a Superintendent, I have to be flexible and be able to respond quickly to ever-changing circumstances. Assertiveness and a bit of common sense come in handy.