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Elien Van Nieuwenborgh
Elien Van Nieuwenborgh
Working for Jan De Nul Group really means daily improvement


Elien graduated with a master’s degree in industrial engineering and construction. She got straight down to work and, shortly afterwards, was working as site manager for the construction of a School van Morgen (School of the Future) in Assenede. For sixteen months, she led the building work with distinction. ‘I was surprised how much responsibility I was given as a starter. My hunger to learn and my curiosity ensured that I learnt an incredible amount each day. Working for the Jan De Nul Group really means daily improvement!’


At present (January 2018), Elien is working as site manager at Aalst Crematorium. She comments: ‘An impressive architectural and structural building of over 6,000m² is a daily challenge. Challenging for various reasons and in the various phases of the construction (the foundation and structural work, the painting, plastering, and fitting floors and windows. It’s all built according to the magnificent design of the architects so that the building radiates a sense of peace and quiet.’ Simplicity and peace and quiet often require the most complex interventions.