Senior Project Engineer Offshore

Kenny Tournoy
Kenny Tournoy
It is extremely satisfying to turn your plans into something tangible

I have been working for Jan De Nul for almost eight years now. As a senior project engineer I have been focusing on the hydrodynamic models of submarine power cables that connect the windmills on Race Bank to the mainland, many tens of kilometres further. This requires new methods and that makes the project even more challenging. During the first phase, we installed a complete cable, consisting of three separate parts that are connected to each other offshore, and we prepared for the installation of the second cable. Usually I am involved from the start of a project so I can closely follow and go through the entire process.

You see a project developing step by step. We get the most diverse questions on our plate, but thanks to the extensive expertise within the company, we always find an appropriate answer. Consultation with colleagues across the departments is crucial to provide well-founded advice. That exchange of knowledge is enriching. What’s more is that all the variety makes the job even more interesting. On the other hand, it of course requires some flexibility to always respond to unforeseen changes.

Since the preparations take a lot of time, you really live up to the implementation. It is extremely satisfying to turn your plans into something tangible; your efforts are ‘finally’ rewarded.