QHSSE Advisor for International Operations

Jimmy Fonseca
QHSSE advisor
Check! Double check!

Unique experiences

I work now for two years as QHSSE Advisor abroad and am currently active in Finland. Every single time, you get the opportunity to gain unique experiences, both on a personal and professional level. You discover the world and different cultures in a way that you wouldn’t experience as a tourist. Very enriching! Check! On a professional level, you always work within a management team with different departments and also for very different and specialised projects. Also very enriching! Double check!


As soon as a project is started – wherever in the world this may be – it is our task and challenge to identify all applicable legislation and regulations, both local, national, international and contractual. Ensuring that these are observed in every phase of a project is only possibly through consistent and enthusiastic teamwork. Something we love to work on every day!