QHSSE Advisor

Miep De Winter
JDN Jobs
JDN Academy was a true enrichment!

To guarantee the safety on site, that's my job as a QHSSE Advisor. This does not only mean prevention ; we increasingly have to tackle environmental matters as well. In collaboration with my colleagues, I look for existing problems and signal them to the site management. In addition, we also analyse new projects to identify potential situational risks.

After my education in environmental and prevention management at the Catholic University of Leuven, I immediately found a job with Jan De Nul Group. From the school desk straight to the site, as it were. I had an extensive one-month training at the JDN Academy together with the other newcomers. It was a true enrichment! We were introduced to all the company's activities, we went on board a vessel and were able to experience working conditions in a simulator... Plenty of challenges in the industry, that's for sure. The company offers nice career opportunities and I can be active in the field. That's why the job appeals to me. And I have great colleagues to boot! That makes a real difference.