Jan De Nul Group invests its greatest capital in its people.

After many years of ad hoc sports initiatives, an internal programme saw the light of day: FIT. Food, In balance and Training & Sports.

Healthier eating is promoted at the office, on board and on the shipyards. From a salad bar and fruit in the office, chefs on the ships who do all they can to spoil crew and staff with healthy and varied cuisine, to taking part in “Dagen Zonder Vlees”, (days without meat), together. This was only the beginning. An easy beginning.

Balance, being in balance on a personal level, also contributes to health: of the employee and of the company. The pressure of work, burnout, stress, ... are all typical of these hectic times. Jan De Nul Group is convinced that a work-life balance is needed to be in harmony/balance yourself.


Satisfaction surveys gauged to which extent this balance is experienced by employees and in 2018 we will set to work with the results. At the end of 2017 there were several yoga initiations at the office. A success. From 2018 we will be organising yoga lessons twice a week during the lunch break. Namasté.

We have been practising sports together with colleagues for years. But with the FIT programme, everything fell into place. Dressed in a fluorescent FIT shirt the colleagues started to run: in a few weeks they ran five kilometres. For many, things didn’t stop here, but became a good habit during lunch breaks. The Drakenboot race in Antwerp, an inclusive pentathlon in Gooik, the Bagger sailing weekend, Climbing for Life, the SmartRun in Luxembourg, a triathlon in Bruges... This is just a small selection of the varied offer FIT colleagues participated in together. Teambuilding.