Offshore Transport Organiser

Jan De Nul Group offers specialised services for the installation of submarine structures for the oil, gas and renewable energy markets.  Seabed preparation, trench dredging, and their stabilisation and ballasting are all part of these offshore services. Whether it concerns subsea pipelines, cables, umbilicals, foundations, platforms or even entire wind farms: always tailored to the customer and, if desired, on an EPC basis. Do you want to be part of our international team?

In the Offshore Transport department, the focus is on the transport of offshore wind foundations. The transport of these immense structures (monopiles, transition pieces, jackets and offshore substations) is divided into two parts:

  • On the one hand, budgeting the transport of these immense structures to incorporate the cost into our quotation to the end client (tender phase).
  • On the other hand, schedule and finalize these transports during the execution (project phase).

For this department we are looking for an additional Offshore Transport Organiser. This position gives you the opportunity to fully prepare and work out the transport scope of a yet-to-be-executed project. In addition, and in the event of a project award, the preliminary budgeting must be brought to fruition. To this end and through requests for quotation, you must find the appropriate transport partner with whom further contract negotiations lead to transport execution. In doing so, you provide the necessary support to the project team and your task is to ensure that the transport is carried out as requested and in accordance with the (contractual) agreements made.
Your greatest strengths, and simultaneously also your most important responsibilities, are:

  • Analyse complex and extensive transport files;
  • Develop and match a transport planning in function of other project-related deadlines;
  • Integrate and proactively anticipate transport technical restrictions in order to submit and defend a realistic transport proposal;
  • Commercially play off various transport suppliers against one another;
  • Draft and negotiate legal clauses in (Bimco) contracts;
  • Follow up contractual deadlines;
  • Daily follow-up of current contracts, including related payment terms and specific transport documentation.



As an Offshore Transport Organiser, you are a creative person who considers a methodical approach of the utmost importance. You are very punctual, can handle deadlines and have a solid commercial approach that helps in setting up contractual agreements.
A technical and/or nautical background is a big plus, and several years of experience in project-related maritime logistics is an added value.
You can express yourself fluently in English.

In terms of education level you have at least a bachelor's degree.

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