Observe closely and react rapidly!

Even if many projects appeal to the imagination and the company underwent spectacular growth, the group is and remains every inch a family business. A no-nonsense approach and very short lines of communication are typical. Observing closely and reacting rapidly is a daily sport here, while also being one of our greatest advantages. There is constant brainstorming and consulting.

The smooth organisational culture guarantees a dynamic corporate culture and quick decision-making. Not too much fuss but fast and correct seeking and finding to-the-point solutions.


Everyone matters: more than 7,000 employees in over 70 countries. As a contractor, the company takes on projects from A to Z, from tender to execution. So, there are many engineers and technicians, but they also require supporting profiles. Everything is done in house, so everyone matters.

There’s something for everyone, and you really don’t have to be a sailor. Diversity is after all a condition for creativity, which we have understood for some time. Everyone is pulling in the same direction.