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Benjamin Van Dam
Benjamin Van Dam
You learn best by taking on responsibilities as soon as possible

I deal with figures on a daily basis and I do have some recurring tasks, but no two working days are the same. I take care of the financial, accounting and administrative aspects of an international site. I am the link between the project team, the client, suppliers and the head office. Every project and every country is different, so you never have the same routine for long, because there is always different legislation, a new team and a whole other environment.

Bangladesh was quite a challenge for me: for the first time I followed up a project from A to Z myself. The project set-up was not that simple and many things were totally new to me. But as a project team, you get a lot of autonomy, which allows you to work very efficiently and to make decisions quickly. I was not left to my own devices, though: I regularly had help and advice from the Area Controller, the person responsible for a larger region in financial terms. In the end, everything went very well and I am very proud of that. Moreover, I learned a lot during the project. I am convinced that this is only possible by taking on responsibilities as soon as possible, and I was certainly able to do that in Bangladesh!

After-work activities abroad strongly depend on the project and the country you are in. If possible, we go out for dinner together with colleagues or we organise a BBQ. We also use our free time to play sports or enjoy what the country has to offer. What I like about this job? That I can work in a different part of the world each time.